An underground rainwater drainage pipe will link the airport to the Marne

The Canamarne project is extending the rainwater discharge pipe from Charles-De-Gaulle airport from La Reneuse, in Gressy, to the Marne. The project and the micro-tunnelling machines were presented on Wednesday 19 April.

The 9.4 kilometer pipeline carrying rainwater from Charles-De-Gaulle airport will connect the current discharge point, located in Gressy, to the Marne. The work will be completed by the end of 2024. The route will cross Messy, Claye-Souilly and Annet-sur-Marne. The project will make it possible to secure the Renardières basin, near the airport runways, and the Reneuse from the risk of flooding and to increase the drain flow rate from 0 to 1,000 L/s to 1,300 L/s. The pipes will have a diameter of 1.5 to 1.8 meters. Micro-tunnelling machines, of four different sizes, will dig underground and the work will be carried out as far as possible without trenches, in the open air, while avoiding over-excitation of the earth in place. Edward Arkwright, Executive Director General of the Aéroport de Paris (ADP) group declares:“I have been waiting for this project for ten years. This is ADP’s biggest project outside of the right-of-way. But maybe ten years ago we wouldn’t have thought of the same project as today. Ten years ago, we wouldn’t have made a cycle path in Gressy. » 

The municipalities along the route, and in particular Gressy, will benefit from work to enhance their facilities. The mayor, Jean-Claude Geniès, indicates: “I had been asking for years for a cycle path along departmental road 139 to allow young people from the village to go to high school in Mitry-Mory in complete safety. When we were told about the Canamarne project, I asked that we put a surfacing that will create a bike path when the work is finished. The track will start from La Rosée and follow the pipeline to Mitry. There will remain two hundred meters of track to be created in Mitry-Mory to reach the high school. The project will also make it possible to revegetate and improve the wastewater treatment plant in Claye-Souilly and the Vieux-Moulin site inAnnet-sur-Marne. 

Discharged water will be “clean”, assures ADP

The cost of the project is 50 million euros. According to Thierry de Severac, engineering and capital project director at ADP, work to double the basins has been carried out in order to “allow better settling of the water collected and remove most of the pollutants”. The water will then be treated in the factory before being discharged into the natural environment. 

The work will have a fairly low carbon footprint. Rémi Subra, General Manager of the Sade Group’s underground works activities, explains: “  Ninety thousand cubic meters of earthworks will be carried out and two-thirds of the earth will be reused on the site to backfill the pipeline that will be laid. The remaining third will go to local farmers. » 

The micro-tunnelling machines were baptized with the first name of their godmothers. One of them is Stéphanie Auzias, mayor of Annet-sur-Marne. The facilities will be under the protection of Barthe, the patron saint of trades related to fire, miners, andby extension of tunnel boring machines.


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