No-Dig Live 2022

Full Conference Programme coming soon

Green Alliance
Summary: Throughout 2022, The Green Alliance has been hosting a series of webinars all leading up to a face-to-face seminar at No-Dig Live which will take place on Tuesday 13th September. The Green Alliance was formed by The UKSTT & The Pipeline Industries Guild to explore, share and promote the industry’s drive towards net zero and reduction in environmental impact.

Sewerage Solution Forum
Summary: On Wednesday 14th September, UKSTT are holding a ‘Sewerage Solutions Panel’ session at No-Dig Live 2022. This event involves members of the Sewer Rehabilitation Contact Group of network owners & UKSTT Patrons who will be looking for solutions to four issues they are facing. For each issue, Show exhibitors will be asked in advance for their existing/new solutions and selected solutions will be presented to the panel at the event followed by a panel discussion.

Transferring Minimal Excavation Methods – Industry Engagement
Summary: WRC has undertaken a major project to review international activity in this area both in the water industry but also across other industries and have developed a research specification as well as identifying 10 projects that are needed to bring minimal excavation & trenchless techniques into the water sector. Speakers from Sutton & East Surrey Water & WRC will provide the details of the project in their presentation, opportunities for funding will be explained and various UKSTT members will provide short presentations of solutions from the supply side to connect the water companies with the solutions. There will be ample opportunities for networking and developing project proposals



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