BATITUNNEL ITALIA SRL was founded in 2007 and specializes in underground works, specifically in tunneling, minitunnelling and microtunnelling. The company's equipment boasts the most innovative tunneling equipment (Herrenknecht) and the facilities needed to produce, treat and recycle drilling mud. It is capable of operating in all types of terrain, even in the most difficult conditions. In 2009, COGEIS began to acquire shares in the company, and since 2014, having acquired 100% of the company shares, it has become the sole owner. COGEIS, with almost 60 years of experience in Italy and abroad, is today a medium-sized company with a staff made up of more than 300 experienced professionals. We are a family business , starting from the bottom, which has always favored a technical and practical approach to the bureaucratic one. This distinctive feature over the years has allowed us to respond quickly to customer requests and any technical problems, leading the company to gain a prominent position on the market. The flexibility and the ability to develop innovative techniques derive above all from the experience of our employees, hired on a long-term basis with an average duration of more than 10 years. The dimension we have acquired brings us advantages in terms of knowledge and gives the company the structure, capacity and financial solidity necessary to ensure compliance with the terms of contracts and with national regulations on quality, safety and the environment. Finally, thanks to a prudent managerial management that pays constant attention to efficiency and quality, personnel and technical resources are organized efficiently to ensure that even complex infrastructures are built at the best price.

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One technology for most of the land, without open pit excavations.

The microtunnel is a technology that allows us to lay pipelines underground without carrying out excavations in the open.

By adopting this system we can cross, for example, waterways, roads, railways, highways, mountain ranges, urbanized areas and areas with restrictions (landscape, archaeological) without having to carry out excavations in the open.

In this way, in addition to not damaging and modifying the surface of the land, which create inconvenience to the activities and the population, we reduce the consequent costs. By setting up a starting and an arrival well, we allow the equipment to drill the ground and lay the pipeline in any condition: among others, in the presence of an aquifer and with a curvilinear path.

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