BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY JSC is a leading company in the construction of oil and gas pipelines and engineering infrastructure, including trenchless laying of utilities. Founded in December 1965. The head office of the company is located in Minsk, Belarus. For efficient interaction with Russian and European customers there are extra 5 operating branches of BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY opened in Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Italy and Romania.

Product / Services


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Over 55 years of operating BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY provides customers with the services for laying main pipelines in compliance with the highest international standards.

The geography of our projects in pipeline construction covers the territory of CIS, Europe and Asia. During the company’s work, we constructed more than 4,500 kilometers of pipelines in Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Serbia and Russia.

World leading companies such as GAZPROM, ROSNEFT, TRANSNEFT and many others entrust us as a reliable contractor.

In 1997-2007 BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY took part in the implementation of the project of the century – the pipeline construction of the transcontinental gas pipeline “Yamal – Europe”, hold by GAZPROM. Within the project we built and commissioned 140 kilometers of the pipeline, with nodes for receiving and launching treatment facilities and an underwater crossing over the Shchara River.



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BELTRUBOPROVODATROY – is a pioneer of unique technology Direct Pipe in the construction of mine pipelines on the territory of CIS and Eastern Europe. Our company is one of the first who has mastered the Direct Pipe method, produced by Herrenknecht (Germany).

The full range of efficiency of Direct Pipe technology has been already proved by BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY engineering team at a construction site in Serbia while laying a pipeline under the Danube River in 2019. That crossing with the total length of 1420 m made by using Direct Pipe has become an absolute record for Europe and the third result in the world.



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BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY has experience in implementing of projects on the con­struction of sewers, etc. by microtunneling technology.

In the arsenal of our company there are some significant projects of the last years:
1. Rerouting of the collector DN 2000 mm with the total length of 1922 m.

  1. Construction of main collector DN 1000 mm with the length of 990 m of domestic sewage while housing development of cities.

BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY performs microtunneling work with complexes “Herrenknecht”, which allow laying steel and reinforced concrete pipes with an outer diameter of 1000 to 3000 mm at a distance of up to 1100 meters without making intermediate foundation pits in the soils, which contain boulders and rock inclusions.



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BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY is the first company that started to use the directional drilling technology in the Republic of Belarus. Currently, the company has gained significant experience in executing the crossings through natural and artificial obstacles in Belarus, Russia (including the Far North), Lithuania, Latvia, Serbia and Bulgaria.

In the equipment fleet of the company there are drilling complexes and rigs, including the most powerful «Prime Drilling» (Germany), allowing trenchless method of pipeline crossings with a nominal diameter from 100 to 1,400 mm and length up to 2,500 m.

Among the most significant HDD-projects of BELTRUBOPROVODSTROY for the last 5 years is «Main gas pipeline border with Bulgaria – border with Hungary» (Serbia, 2019), within which the company has successfully completed construction of 9 crossings of the main gas pipeline and 10 crossings in protective cases through water obstacles using HDD. The total length of the pipeline crossings of the project is 12 876 m.

Minsk, Belarus. Post Address & Main Office: 220153, Minsk, M. Bogdanovich Street, 129