Cipa SpA was founded in 1986 and was born on the tradition of a family engineering culture more of one hundred years old, born with the activity of pushing pipes and push boxes, over the years has expanded its activity with small and medium diameter tunnels ,subsequently, over time, has also developed the market for large diameters and consolidation. All of this thanks to the quality and to the know-how of the own workers and to the continuous evolution of the technologies and to the company’s equipment. A company therefore today characterized by a wealth of knowledge, equipment and above all human resources specialized in major underground works. Nowadays represents a point of reference in the market, for the experience gained in the field of tunnels, shafts and soil consolidation. The main activity of Cipa is the execution of underground works, metro stations, tunnels and shafts. As a complement to those activities, the company also carries out ground consolidation, piles and micropiles, jet grouting and recently ground freezing. There is no metro work in Italy in which Cipa has not carried out work, to which it is appropriate to add the Copenhagen, Warsaw, Paris and Bucharest metro stations. Although not a preponderant part in terms of turnover, the execution of civil works, in particular of reinforced concrete mainly in infrastructure works, is certainly equally qualifying.

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