COPREM is a leading manufacturer of vibro-compressed concrete precast for water and sewerage pipes, retention basins, technological tunnels and cycle-pedestrian underpasses. The range of COPREM products is not limited to box culverts and pipes - both traditional and for microtunneling -, but is characterized by a wide range of innovative services aimed at protecting the environment and reducing the impact of the works under construction. The Italian company makes available to customers the qualified staff of the Coprem Service division to complete the welding of joints between its HDPE-lined and Welded Joint® products (COPREM's registered patent), carry out the post-tensioning of entire road crossings for installation in a single night, waterproof large surfaces and structures cast on site, and much more. COPREM proposes itself as a single point of contact with cutting-edge products supported by cutting-edge services, to guarantee the best result without any dispersion of responsibility on several operators. COPREM, the innovation applied to concrete. From today discover also our latest innovation: the SMART PIPE.

Product / Services


Our concrete Jacking Pipes are designed and built with some of the most advanced materials, machinery and manufacturing processes in the world and are able to withstand all the pushing forces required for the microtunnelling technique.

COPREM offers the technical advantages of High Density Polyethylene Liner (HDPE) also for Jacking Pipes. The inner lining with the plastic material is made entirely in the case of HDPE-lined Pipes and only on the joints for the patented Welded Joint®.

Thanks also to the welding carried out by the qualified staff of Coprem Service division, these pipes guarantee a perfect seal even in case of settling and an absolute resistance to chemical agents.

The HDPE-lined Pipes have been chosen by important institutions all over the world. Such as the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, which used this solution for the realization of the new sewage system of the city.






In today’s hyper-connected world, where the monitoring of distribution networks and the management of maintenance operations are now an urgent necessity, COPREM makes a decisive contribution to the future of the underground. COPREM’s experience meets with the best electronics professionals to give life to the new Smart Pipe.

This system patented by COPREM makes it possible to see what is happening inside the pipelines and to keep vital parameters under control. The camera with 3.8-12 mm varifocal optical zoom offers a clear view of the pipeline, allowing to identify any leaks or infiltrations. The connected sensors give an overview of data such as filling, nature of liquids, flow velocity and much more.

COPREM Smart Pipe can be sized according to the customer’s needs, and can also be installed on existing networks. It is small in size and immune to liquids and gases thanks to the AISI 304L stainless steel housing.



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