EIFFAGE Genie Civil

Eiffage GC is a subsidiary of Eiffage Genie Civil France (Civil Works), directing its expertise to setting up sanitation (rainwater and waste water) drinking water and district heating networks. The civil engineering workforce put their proven expertise into use on all kinds of work, trenchless or otherwise, including network dismantling, laying and maintenance in new, existing and utility tunnels, shafts, and accessible sewer installations. Our teams specialize in a wide range of complex techniques including shaft sinking, rocket and percussion drilling, the auger drilling technique (with or without preguidance) and microtunnelling from DN400 to DN2500. We design and manufacture our own tools and develop our operational processes in compliance with budget, deadlines and environmental standards. These network operations can be carried out as part of any type of civil engineering project. Eiffage GC offers its clients the benefit of the flexibility of a small-medium sized company coupled with the financial strength and depth of expertise and resources of a major group. Our landmark projects are: Heat network interconnection in Rungis, Adour pipeline (two 1200 diameters microtunnels with a 230 m curve, using microtunnelling technique, under SNCF tracks and a departmental road), drinking water conveyance in Yveline (3.3 km of cast-iron pipelines involving 230 m of microtunnelling). Already a leading company in this field in France, Eiffage GC is keen to develop their microtunnelling business in Europe and further.

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Microtunnelling Works




Eiffage GC Réseaux is able to undertake microtunnelling works from AVN400 to AVN2500 with or without all related works such as shafts, pipe laying and all kind of civil works. We are interested wordwide to offer more particularly our expertise in microtunnelling and we are willing to associate with other civil work companies to bid and to perform works.