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GETECH srl is an Italian company specialised in the manufacturing of high-tech centrifugal systems and plants in order to improve the production processes and the solid-liquid treatment techniques. Thanks to the innovative nature and to the high technology, the centrifugal systems are applied in several sectors, including tunneling, drilling and bentonite treatment. The company was founded as Gennaretti S.p.A. in the early 80s and it has grown gradually but constantly, giving a response to any requirements in terms of solid-liquid separation. Thanks to passion and to the continuous research of improvement, it has become one of the most important manufacturing companies and an appreciated business partner both in Italy and overseas.

Product / Services

Decanter centrifuge

We produce centrifuges for solid-liquid or solid-liquid-liquid separation of organic or inorganic products in all industrial processes. Our machines are employed also in the treatment of drilling slurries, bentonite slurries and cement spoils. The working principle is based on the specific weight difference of the substances to be treated.


S.P.A.C.I. STATION (Automated Polymeric Station in Shipping Containers)

We provide also complete plants in certified RINA containers with the possibility to stack up two containers. The plant is supplied turnkey; transport and installation are on the same day. This solution guarantees high protection of the environment.

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Application fields

Our centrifuges are applied in different sectors, including tunneling, drilling and bentonite treatment. The experience gained in the mining sector has passed down to the sector of both horizontal and vertical perforations. Therefore, our machines are employed in TBM, HDD and hydromill processing.

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