MTBM Operators

MTBM-OPERATORS S.A is a company dedicated to pipe jacking and TBM, providing services of Operators, electricians(PLC), mechanics, engineers and surveyors, all with demonstrable experience in MTBM and TBM. We solve the potential problems that may emerge before, during, and at the final stages of every MTBM and TBM project. We are a working team with experience in the field. In addition to microtunnelling professionals, we also have operators with experience in direct pipe, raise bore and hdd. We have a wide network of professionals located in different parts of the world, we also offer an international market for the purchase and sale of spare parts and pipe jacking machinery.

Product / Services

Pipe jacking staff:  we have our own microtunneling staff to provide for other companies (supervisors, operators, electricians, plc, electromechanics, hydraulic mechanics, surveyor, engineer) all of them with experience and credentials. We have personnel available in different continents to work as locals and avoid further expenses related to traveling.

We have our own trainers to help the training or improvement of your operators, we have trainers in mtbm, mtbm epb, raise bore, ccip, hdd, direct pipe, in different parts of the world.

Consulting: consulting: support in itts, support in budgets (pipeline,ludge recycling and more), audit for public or private companies of pipe jacking jobs.

Join venture: business,contacts,societies,advice please write to: [email protected]

Available machinery :Mtbm-operators s.a owns pipe jacking, hdd, open shield and cipp machinery in different diameters and in different continents (europe, asia, east, latin america).

At mtbm-operators s.a we facilitate and advise in the purchase of machinery and spare parts through our universal network of contacts so that the customer has the best possible price in the market, do not hesitate to consult us.

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