MEYERLUB®: LEADER IN SYNTHETIC LUBRICANTS. Thanks to its 50 years at the forefront of professional lubrication, choosing MEYERLUB® means choosing high quality original products. MEYERLUB® was established by the acquisition of 100% of Anderol Italia shares by the Meyer Family, maintaining its role of Sole Distributor of Anderol Lubricants in Italy. MEYERLUB®: EXCLUSIVE ANDEROL® DISTRIBUTOR FOR ITALY. The appointment as the Exclusive Distributor of Anderol lubricants, started more than 40 years ago, it continues today as in the past. Anderol® is a world-wide and highly reputed Brand for Research & Development, Production and Distribution of Special Lubricants for all kinds of requirements and operating conditions. RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT. The intensive activity in Research and Development allows to solve many problems, linked to advanced lubrication technologies or to specific new machinery and application requirements, inadequate performance of traditional products and need to comply with evolving Health, Safety and Environmental Regulations.

Product / Services

MEYERLUB® lubricants are available worldwide, ready to take on the challenges of extreme and hostile operating conditions for strategic and expensive machinery. In normal operating conditions, MEYERLUB® and Anderol® products dramatically increase the lubricant service life and system efficiency, with great savings in Total Ownership Costs.

MEYERLUB® offers an ehaustive range of synthetic and specialty lubricants for industrial, food, agricultural, nautical, earthmoving applications. In addition, MEYERLUB® market a selection of automated lubrication systems and accessories, consultancy services and technical training, to meet the high performance needs of today’s and tomorrow’s machinery.


The fast pace and operators’ professionality in this sector, require top quality replies. Meyerlub is a leader in R&D and marketing of specialty and synthetic lubricants.


RELIABILTY AND EFFICIENCY: Outstanding performance in extreme operating conditions.

Lubricants for harsh conditions and hos-tile environment:

  1. High load and temperature
  2. Presence of humidity and water, also in immersion

Special property lubricants:

  1. Severe load, temperature, speed.
  2. Biodegradable
  3. Fire-resistant
  4. “Tailor-made” grades, especially developed for individual customers/applications


  1. Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  2. Bearings, chains, pins, articulations, joints
  3. Internal combustion engines
  4. Gearboxes and Transmissions
  5. Special Transmissions
  6. General lubrication
  7. Special grease lubrication
  8. Hydraulic rock breakers
  9. Wide range of screw-on grease cartridges
  10. Air and gas compressors



Meyerlub offer a complete range of specialty and synthetic lubricants. The  result of more than 40 years development and experience alongside Anderol.

RELIABILTY AND EFFICIENCY: Outstanding performance in extreme operating conditions.

Lubricants for harsh conditions and Hostile environment:

  1. High load and temperature
  2. Presence of humidity and water, also in immersion
  3. Chemically aggressive environment

Special property lubricants

  1. Severe load, temperature, speed
  2. Food-grade for incidental or systematic food contact
  3. Biodegradable
  4. Fire-resistant
  5. “tailor-made” grades, especially developed for individual customers/applications.


  1. Air and gas compressors
  2. Vacuum pumps
  3. Refrigerating compressors
  4. Bearings, chains, also at high temperature
  5. Gearboxes and Transmissions
  6. Special Transmissions
  7. Internal combustion engines
  8. General lubrication
  9. Special grease lubrication
  10. Heat transfer systems




MEYERLUB can provide an exhaustive service in terms of TECHNICAL and SPECIALISTIC CONSULTANCY on lubrication, not only in terms of product choice and application, but also in the area of lubrication systems design and optimization. We can provide support in product/grade rationalization, consumption reduction, optimization of re-lubrication and maintenance schedules, reduction of used oil disposal costs, regulatory compliance. We can assist Customers with Laboratory support in failure and malfunctioning investigations, oil monitoring in service to keep under control oil conditions and machinery wear and in any other activity involving a relationship between lubricants and design or operation of industrial machinery.

MEYERLUB is specialized in organization and management of Seminars for Technical and Maintenance Staff of our Customers. Courses can be tailored to the audience’s types and needs; duration and contents are agreed with the Customers.

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