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TXT Ingeniería, S.L. is an engineering company established in 2003 in Badajoz (Spain) and independent of any external business group. TXT Ingeniería, SL, aims to achieve excellence in the quality of the work carried out, based on the commitment and dedication of the entire team of experienced professionals that make it up, as well as the modernization of its methods and procedures, which is allowing continuous and solid growth of the company. Our purpose is to provide engineering services in various areas such as renewable energy, environment, water engineering, transportation infrastructure, urban planning, irrigation and industrial facilities. The services offered by TXT Ingeniería, S.L. Our clients range from a consultation to the integral development of the project starting from the initial conception of the project, developing the project, processing authorizations, assistance during the contracting of work, management and control of work and commissioning. TXT Ingeniería, S.L. It has a multidisciplinary team such as civil engineers, agronomists, public works engineers, surveyors, graduates in law, the environment, biology, draftsmen and technical assistants. This team is complemented by the usual collaborating experts in different matters that ensure the solvency of the company in the most diverse cases. At the end of 2013 TXT Ingeniería, S.L. began its international development positioning itself in South Africa, Ecuador and Panama. TXT Ingeniería, S.L. develops its work in accordance with its Integrated Quality Management System (UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015) and Environment (UNE-EN-ISO 14001: 2015) certified by EQA.

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At TXT Ingeniería, SL we are aware of the unavoidable obligation of caring for this scarce natural resource, and of the importance that attention to the best development of studies and projects derived from its handling, transfer and / or conservation deserves. For this we have professionals specialized in the matter committed to sustainability and the implementation of new methods and technologies to carry out all work in the field of water. With these principles TXT Ingeniería, SL develops comprehensive water supply projects to populations either in urban or industrial areas, starting from the global conception until the completion and start-up of the system, in addition to all hydrological studies and management derivatives and exploitation of this resource, being able to respond to all work regardless of the point of the integral water cycle in which it develops.



TXT Engineering, SL . has developed its environmental area in accordance with the demand of our customers and the interest of society. At TXT Ingeniería we have a commitment to our clients and future generations. For this reason, we seek balance in each project to make it environmentally, socially and economically efficient. In this way, we develop studies of an environmental nature and apply the necessary preventive and corrective measures.

All this, in order to mitigate the impact of our projects in a sustainable way in the long term. The infrastructures projected by TXT Engineering are integrated into the territory. This is because we know that the progress of our society and our planet depends on caring for and protecting it.

TXT Ingeniería, SL has developed its  environmental area in accordance with the demand of our clients and the interest of society. Thus, the most commonly developed environmental activities are:

  • Environmental impact study and environmental monitoring plans for infrastructures of various kinds and industries.
  • Environmental management and environmental monitoring on site
  • Project of corrective, compensatory and / or environmental management measures.
  • Management of environmental procedures.
  • Impact study on habitats.
  • Flora and fauna monitoring study.
  • Landscaping.
  • Waste management, project drafting, demolition, restoration, on-site control management plans, …
  • Geographic information systems, generation of layers, digitizations, modeling.



Faced with the increasingly urgent need to improve our energy production systems, which directly affect climate change, TXT Ingeniería SL in 2014 opted to improve traditional pumping systems for ones that are more respectful with the environment and more profitable for the farmer, the solar pumps with the execution of the solar irrigation of 25 hectares of vine and olive trees in the Los Tamujos farm in Villafranca de los Barros. Since then, TXT Ingeniería, SL maintains and operates it as a model installation. Subsequently we have developed much larger solar pumps, which has allowed us to develop our own knowledge and technology.

Our motivation to improve irrigation systems has led us to be recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture that has TXT Ingeniería, SL. as a  specialist in solar pumping , having made 2 presentations with his experience at the National Center for Irrigation Technology (CENTER) of the Ministry of Agriculture in Madrid.

TXT Ingeniería, SL has been developing since the end of 2.019 the R + D + i project for algorithms, sensorisation and embedded control for optimization of solar pumps approved by the Junta de Extremadura with a planned investment of more than € 170,000.

All these circumstances allow us to be leaders in the design and execution of solar pumps, which have a high profitability for the farmer.

At TXT Ingeniería, SL we can make a budget for your solar pumping without obligation, committing ourselves to obtaining productions and profitability thanks to our experience and innovation.



TXT Ingeniería, SL we are aware of the importance not only of creating but also of preserving and exploiting the transport networks in the best possible way, in order to achieve a more and better connected society by providing a multidisciplinary and inclusive philosophy. paying special attention to our commitment to the environment, natural resources and the environment.

Our extensive experience in the field of linear infrastructures in general and roads in particular, from highways to rural roads, means that TXT engineering is present both in the project phase, as well as in the execution of the work and subsequent exploitation and conservation of the same, developing functions such as the drafting of projects, construction management, technical assistance and the studies associated with them (traffic studies, urban mobility …).

TXT INGENIERÍA offers solutions through engineering for the development of all types of projects within the urban planning area, for this it has professionals who cover the fields of planning, urban development projects, urban infrastructure and service networks, management and supervision of work, etc.

TXT Ingeniería, SL develops  projects, road transport infrastructure work management from highways to rural roads , as well as studies associated with them. The most frequent areas in which we work are:

  • Highways, project and technical assistance to works management.
  • Roads, project and technical assistance to works management.
  • Rural roads, project and technical assistance to works management.
  • Studies of pavements, reinforcements and recycled.
  • Drainage works evacuation studies.
  • Study of access to roads and highways.
  • Design of structure



TXT Ingeniería has extensive and recognized experience in the sector, having developed important projects in numerous technological specialties, providing its services in both the public and private sectors.
TXT engineering is an expert in national and international industrial projects. At TXT Ingeniería there is evidence of the need to improve and make the industrial sector sustainable, which has led us to work and acquire great experience in the industrial development of renewable energies, especially in the development of photovoltaic and solar thermal plants, always maintaining our commitment to quality and innovation.

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TXT Ingeniería, SL is a company that has been working in the development of renewable energies since 2007, participating in the design and construction of solar thermal power plants. We are currently working intensively on photovoltaic plants. In this field TXT Ingeniería, SL offers a comprehensive service for the development of photovoltaic projects from their first phases to the execution and operation of the plant. Thus the services we offer are: