IATT – Italian Association for Trenchless Technology

IATT is a non-profit association, founded in 1994, which promotes the advancement of scientific and technical knowledge in the field of trenchless technologies (no dig) by promoting its diffusion among public bodies and administrations, service network management companies , companies, technicians, researchers and students. It includes the major Italian companies managing service networks, as well as university and research institutes, industrial companies active in the production of no-dig systems, specialized companies, consultants and professionals in the sector, which through a direct and constructive comparison they are contributing to the spread of the no-dig culture also in our country. IATT is affiliated to the ISTT - International Society for Trenchless Technolog y (based in London), an institution to which 29 other associations representing 33 European and non-European countries belong. Both individuals (ordinary members) and legal persons (institutions, companies, institutes and university departments) can enroll in the IATT. Each member receives the magazines “Italia No Dig” and “Trenchless Works”. Why dig trenches when there are better solutions? No-Dig essentially means researching and applying technically advanced solutions to limit road tampering, excavation and land handling, reducing the disturbance to economic, residential or leisure activities that take place near construction sites. These are therefore executive technologies that make it possible to significantly reduce socio-environmental impacts by 70%, energy consumption by 56% and accidents on construction sites by 70%, which normally accompany works with open pit excavations.

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✅📢 Italy NO DIG LIVE

Novegro Exhibition Park (MI) from 24 to 26 May 2023.




website: www.eventiiatt.it


Italian No Dig Live is the first Italian fair dedicated exclusively to Trenchless Technologies (or NO DIG).

It is a must-attend national event designed to promote trenchless technology and leading innovations in the underground infrastructure market, showcasing the entire NO DIG production chain. By attending the event you will offer the opportunity to:

  • assist to live demonstrations of trenchless technologies through field trials;
  • learn about updated innovation by attending first-rate education sessions at Conferences and Seminars;
  • create business opportunities spending quality time with leading companies operating in the no dig market.


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Prezzari di riferimento per le tecnologie trenchless

Being able to have univocal reference prices and, therefore, to orient oneself in a market that has defined rules, is certainly of common interest: it protects the Managers towards technical choices that have the right quality / price ratio and increases confidence in the use of no dig technologies. The price lists are the result of a valuable collaboration between specialist companies and subservice managers, which also saw the involvement of the Politecnico di Milano.

Can be downloaded for free upon registration: 👉 click here


✅📢 Italia NO DIG – The national magazine of low environmental impact technologies

Italia NO DIG – La rivista nazionale delle tecnologie a basso impatto ambientale

The national trenchless technology supply chain finally has its official voice. In fact, the periodical “Italia NO DIG – The national magazine of low environmental impact technologies” is online . A quarterly available in print and digital format, edited by the IATT Association and published by the Italia Energia Group. The informative magazine, through technical-scientific contents and best practices , illustrates the innovations and needs of an important sector in the Italian industrial scenario.


Year 2022

👉  No. 1/2022 (pdf version)

👉  N. 2/2022 (pdf version)

Year 2021

👉  No. 1/2021 (pdf version)

👉  N. 2/2021 (pdf version)

👉  N. 3/2021 (pdf version)

👉  N. 4/2021 (pdf version)

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