The company P.A.T.O. S.r.l. was established, as a s.n.c., in 1985 with the acronym of P.A.T.O. to symbolize and summarize its original activity: Artesian Wells Horizontal Drilling. The sector is rapidly expanding and this immediately rewards the company's performance. In 1992, transforming itself into a limited liability company, the company underwent a profound renewal, initiating substantial and innovative changes in business policy. These are, in fact, the years in which "excavation-free" technologies (the so-called NO DIG - TRENCHLESS technologies) begin to represent in the infrastructure sector a valid alternative to open pit excavations if not, in some cases, the only possible solution . Here, therefore, that the Company directs considerable investments in research and technology, acquiring over time a large and modern machine park, a highly specialized staff, thus covering all the NO DIG sectors today: Microtunnelling, Drilling Horizontal Controlled, launch of products with hydraulic thrust, pipe pusher, earth auger, pile driver and, of course, well excavation. The Company, managing all its activities from the headquarters in Occhiobello (Rovigo), operates throughout the country, boasting numerous acquisitions also from the foreign market. Currently, although in continuous expansion, the company employs a staff composed of about 60 employees with different functions and roles. These are supported by numerous external consultants and collaborations, including international ones. The flattering awards and the growing consensus registered over the years through an increasingly qualified clientele, is testified by the equally growing economic performance of the Company which has also exceeded a turnover of 14 million euros. The P.A.T.O. S.r.l., although mainly a highly specialized company, possesses the technical-legal requirements for participation in public contracts both as a single contractor and as a temporary association, and indirectly for private parties.
Via G. Donizetti, 9 45030 OCCHIOBELLO (RO) – ITALY