Unikem Drilling Fluid Additives

Unikem Drilling Fluid Additives was founded in 1991 as the result of more than twenty years of experience in the Oil & Gas well perforation industry. Since then, it has been producing high performance drilling fluid additives which are being used in both land and off-shore sites internationally. With headquarters in Argentina's Patagonia, Unikem is dedicated to make a substantial contribution towards drilling efficiency by focusing on continual Research & Development to meet the most challenging demands, be them technical or environmental. In 2021 Unikem established its new branch in Italy, which offers advanced drilling fluid solutions for the European No-Dig Trenchless sector.

Product / Services

Services Provided or Products sold:

Our comprehensive range of additives covers the needs for drilling operations on any kind of soil composition. From water treatment, to viscosity and filtration control, lubrication, de-foaming, clay inhibition, well cleaning, lost-circulation to mud solidification for final disposal. We provide additives for water based and oil based mud systems.

We offer engineering and technical consultancy (both in and off-site) to assure successful drilling fluid formulation and implementation.


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