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Canadian gas has a “soul” made in Italy

The Sicim company from Parma involved in a billion dollar maxi order. Turnover in 2021 towards 600 million euros

There is also the Italian company Sicim in the group of companies that has won four big orders in Canada for a total value of about one billion dollars. These are works in climatically and geographically complex areas for the construction of infrastructures for the transport of oil and gas products.

Internationalization is also making itself felt on the accounts: for 2021, in fact, the group expects to reach a turnover of 600 million euros with an EBIDTA of 65 million. Its worldwide branch has 7,500 employees and the investment in research is around 3 million euros per year.

Complex interventions

The Parma-based company has been operating in Canada for years , also thanks to the historic collaboration with the Ledcor group, and in this case it will take care of the Icy Pass section: a part of the Spread 8 West & Icy Pass section (55 km of 48-inch pipeline ) which in turn is part of the CoastalGasLink Pipeline Project. The latter is a project that will supply natural gas via Northern British Columbia to the gas liquefaction plant being built near Kitimat on the Pacific Ocean, from where Lng Canada will export it to global markets. It will initially transport 60 million cubic meters per day of natural gas and then reach full capacity at 140 million cubic meters per day.

Sicim then touches what is considered the most complex part of the work, which crosses the westernmost area of ​​the Rocky Mountains, an impervious territory, characterized by geological conditions and a challenging orography, with snow-covered bottlenecks for much of the ‘year. The Italian company has to operate on 26 particularly demanding sections, of which 10 with a gradient of more than 30% and to overcome this difference in height, useful for the transport of materials and personnel, the installation of two 1.5-long cable cars has been planned. kilometres. In the period of maximum activity about 1,000 workers will be employed and over 500 thousand cubic meters of rocks will be crushed.

The works have just started while the mechanical completion of the entire pipeline is scheduled for the end of 2022.

New partnership

In addition to consolidating its relationship with the Canadian group Ledcor, the Parma company has strengthened its presence in the area by creating a partnership with the Steel River Group which led to the creation of the Steel River Sicim Pipeline Ltd (Srsp) which yielded three more new acquisitions. The first is part of the Brewster Pipeline Project which in turn is part of the development plan called 2021 Ngtl System Expansion Project and covers the area from northwestern Alberta to Calgary.

The second acquisition concerns the Big Smoky Pipeline Project and the contract includes the construction of 110 km of a new 20-inch pipeline through the Peace River Country and the installation of 7 waterway crossings and other facilities.

The interventions linked to the third contract acquired by the partnership between Sicim and Steel River, as part of the Calgary urban gas pipeline replacement program with the installation of approximately 14 km of gas pipeline, have already been completed.


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