Gennaretti – Getech for the modern excavation technologies

🚧 For the modern excavation technologies, bentonite slurries are used to lubricate, to cool, to convey the solid fragments to the surface and to support the excavation walls.

From a logistical and economic perspective, bentonite slurry can be an problem, because of disposal costs and time. On the other hand, dewatering and treating bentonite slurries represent a great opportunity to have:

πŸ“Œ a rapid disposal, since our GHT decanter centrifuge Β can reach high speed and treat high flow rates;

πŸ“Œ lower costs, since there would be less material to dispose of.


♻️ In some cases, the bentonite dry solid can be also recycled to produce more bentonite and to be reused in building site works.


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